Anthrobiotica Part I: Sampling (2020)

Anthrobiotica Part 1: Sampling (2020): Single HD moving image artwork.

Boredomresearch have developed the first part of their Anthrobiotica video artwork depicting an underwater world of microbiological life inspired by the stressed environment of the Mar Menor in Murcia, Spain. Giving form to human ambivalence towards fragile ecosystems the artwork presents an expression of an anthropic bloom of fantastical microbiological activity informed by research into toxic algae that can rapidly reproduce in the presence of nutrient runoff from agriculture following heavy rain, unbalancing the natural ecosystem and threatening collapse.

The research for Anthrobiotica was conducted during boredomresearch’s residency at Mar Menor in 2019 where the artists gained an insight into marine biologists’ research on the ecological status of the lagoon’s water and its valuable marine organisms and habitat that is surrounded by agriculture and extensive tourism. 

Boredomresearch are currently working with Dr Sofie Spatharis a marine biologist at the University of Glasgow, Scotland to create a computer model of algal reproduction that can underpin a visual express of anthropic algal blooms that will be further developed for Part II of this project. Life in Anthrobiotica is presented in exaggerated electroluminescence, capturing the alien nature of what is fundamentally a natural biological response to a human ambivalence fueled by competing interests. 

This artwork forms a body of boredomresearch’s portfolio that places existential challenges relating to human health in the context of a search for balance and stability in natural systems. 

Mar Menor Reset, Center del Carme Cultura Contemporània, València (2020-21)

Mar Menor Lab