Scars of Home in development (ongoing)

Trailer for Scars of Home (2023): Single channel HD film

Boredomresearch are currently developing a new moving image work, Scars of Home, which will seamlessly weave together animation, poetic narrative and scientific insights to explore the forces that draw us back to places once shared with a cherished loved one. In Scars of Home, we hear an emotional account from Dominique who expresses the loss of her husband by revisiting the beach where they fell in love.

Against the backdrop of a rocky shoreline, mysterious glowing lights will draw us into a magical world, where we experience an enchanting reimagining of the humble limpet (a marine mollusc with a conical shell). A poetic narration will talk of the limpet’s legendary ability to return to the exact same spot, creating an imprint on the rock called a home scar. The mysterious force that draws the limpet back to its home, that has intrigued scientists for decades, becomes a poignant symbol of our own need for attachment. In Scars of Home magical glowing limpets will guide us through the rocks, as we learn of the love that has led a marine ecologist to devote their life to understanding the often overlooked limpet.

Boredomresearch are seeking funding to continue this project. To enable them to produce this film exploring new ways of combining the romance of science with the challenges of loss we all will one day face. In the final moving image work, animated sequences and special effects will blur the boundaries between reality and imagination as the artists bring art and science together for a romantic encounter of an otherworldly kind. This project will enable boredomresearch to continue their lifelong endeavour to find unique ways of understanding the natural world. Further financial support will provide the artists’ with time to craft the animated world allowing their poetic narrative to come alive and allow them to capture video interviews from marine ecologists who are extremely passionate about limpets. Scars of Home, will be a captivating and visually stunning journey into the human heart’s attachment to cherished spaces, inviting us to find solace in the enduring marks left by love.

The above film trailer and images were produced as part of Resonate, an experimental cross disciplinary development and commissioning program in Portsmouth UK (2023), funded by Arthouse Jersey and the Arts Council of England.