AfterGlow Film screens at ArtScience Museum Singapore (2018)

boredomresearch are screening their film AfterGlow (Susceptible, Exposed, Infected, ‘Recovered’) in the ArtScience Museum, Singapore in their onscreen Seeing Systems programme (3-31 August 2018). The artists participated in the ArtScience Conversation Event on the 18th August 2018 where they spoke about the research and development of their art and science collaborative project, commissioned by Animate Projects, London.

Seeing Systems is a new curated programme exploring some of the organic and non-organic systems that invisibly impact on our lives. Through a series of short but impactful art films, this programme visualises the patterns, structures and habits that surround us in our everyday lives; from the ubiquitous flight path of mosquitoes or the neurological grid of perception to almost superstitious paranoia surrounding invisible transmission of germs and viruses between us or the oblique tracks of migration and dispersal, belonging and difference.

boredomresearch would like to thank VideoClub and the ArtScience Museum for inviting them to participate in this new moving image programme.