SUBMERGED Online Exhibition (2017)

boredomresearch are exhibiting video documentation from their Robots in Distress simulation in the SUBMERGED SciArt Center Exhibition from 9 November 2017. “As staggering in quantity as the ocean is in size, our estimated 117 million lakes contain worlds of unknown history and lifeforms. From the jellyfish species recently discovered in the Kodaikanal Lake, to the biodiverse depths

Our Friends Electric Exhibition (2017)

boredomresearch are exhibiting the next iteration of  their Robots in Distress simulation in the Our Friends Electric Exhibition at QUAD, Derby (1 July – 10 September 2017). “There has been a glut of recent news reports that obsess with the idea of robots and AI replacing humans in the workplace. We fear apocalyptic scenarios of AI machines rebelling against us; yet advances in robotics,

White Cart Loom exhibited in ISEA (2017)

boredomresearch exhibited their White Cart Loom installation in the Museo de Arte de Caldas at ISEA 2017 exhibition on Bio-Creation & Peace (11 – 18 June 2017). Opening a space to reflect on the interaction between industrial processes and sustainability in a world populated by 7.4 billion humans – each with a strong sense of unique identity –

Future Emerging Art and Technology Exhibition (2017)

boredomresearch are exhibiting their Robots in Distress simulation in progress in the Future Emerging Art and Technology (FEAT) Exhibition at LifeSpace, Dundee (13 April – 17 June 2017). “What role can artists play in collaborative scientific research?…The works in the exhibition ask us to understand the content of complex research projects from a totally different perspective:

Bio-inspired Fragility & Technological Advancement Lecture (2017)

In this presentation at iMAL, the Center for Digital Cultures and Technology in Brussels (5 April 2017), boredomresearch foster a new vision for technological innovation, one that recognises the fragility of the environment that sustains it. Discussing their work with biologists and engineers offering a different perspective which challenges a broader concern over a tendency

Computer Art Society Christmas Lecture (2016)

Lumen Prize winners Vicky Isley​ and Paul Smith discussed their work on Tuesday 20th December, 6pm at BCS London. boredomresearch are internationally renowned for creating software driven art, highly aesthetic both visually and acoustically. They are greatly inspired by the diversity that exists in nature. Using computational technology they explore a similar diversity to simulate