Bio-inspired Fragility & Technological Advancement Lecture (2017)

In this presentation at iMAL, the Center for Digital Cultures and Technology in Brussels (5 April 2017), boredomresearch foster a new vision for technological innovation, one that recognises the fragility of the environment that sustains it.

Arts/Sciences #20: boredomresearch

Discussing their work with biologists and engineers offering a different perspective which challenges a broader concern over a tendency towards increasingly complex solutions to answer the challenges of environmental crisis. This has led the artists to extend cutting edge research in artificial neural networks augmented by artificial hormone production to create autonomous agents with the potential for despondency. As emotional robotics becomes a reality does it also reveal a vulnerability? As we incorporate the robustness of swarm robotics into our technological armory should we also be mindful that the most archetypal swarm of all, the honey bee, is an organism in crisis.