‘Paisley Pearls’ Unique Forms Generating in Aberdeen & Jerusalem (2022-23)

boredomresearch’s ‘Paisley Pearls’ software will be generating new forms in two coinciding installations, at the Aberdeen Music Hall, Scotland (24 May – 2nd July 2022) and the Museum for Islamic Art, Jerusalem in the ‘Paisley: A Princely Pattern’ exhibition (27 May – 15 April 2023). 

The work is a derivative of our ‘White Cart Loom‘, a dynamic interpretation of the Paisley pattern, inspired by the iconic design and the prized freshwater pearl mussels which are now critically endangered. 

‘Paisley Pearls’ installation at Aberdeen Music Hall, Scotland (May – July 2022)

The work is a three-dimensional program running in real-time, where animated pearls are created, integrating the paisley motif as if it had developed in the casing of the shell, and reconnecting the design with its biological origins. On the screen a digital shuttle shoots back and forth and unique forms, inspired by the paisley pattern, are fed in from the top. Once fully in view, each form is released, bursting into life with its unique motion characteristics propelling it in smooth liquid spirals across the screen. Eventually these forms drift from view as new ones are created. The forms are composed by combining geometric elements, following a bioinspired grammar and nodular construction, with modulated oscillations of scale and rotation. The forms are textured with a pearlescent quality, varying in hue, and include some coloured jewel like elements and occasional glowing parts. Every form created is unique and the process of creation will continue until a form has been created for every human alive on earth.

The installation in Aberdeen has been supported through New Media Scotland, Cycle 14 Alt-w Exhibition Award and the installation in Jerusalem has been supported by the Museum for Islamic Art and initiated by curator Adi Yair.