The Cavanoids Dance (2022)

Trailer for The Cavanoids Dance (2022): Single channel HD film

A troubling sound that has accumulated over many years suddenly stops. In the strange silence that follows, new beings emerge from the depths of Shannon Pot, the source of the longest river in Ireland.

In this experimental film, you experience the beauty of the Cavanoids, fictional creatures created by boredomresearch. The Cavanoids have been asleep in the rocks of the underworld for millions of years, during which time an insidious and disturbing sound has grown to fill the Cavan Burren in Ireland. In the depths of Shannon Pot, their song can be heard as the waters become infused with a vitality carried by this stream from the world above. The inky waters now come alive with sparkling particles, a message from Manannán mac Lir (an Irish mythological sea god), calling to awaken the sleeping Cavanoids. Sensing the trauma being inflicted above ground the Cavanoids start to loosen themselves from the rock floor to commence a natatory dance. Accumulating in number they take on the shape and form of the plants, in the surrounding area, before swimming towards the light. As we arrive at the water’s surface we break through, returning to a world that remains familiar. Taking with us the memory of these enchanted creatures, half animal, half delicate foliage. We draw back from the edge of Shannon Pot wondering what force awakened these creatures and for what purpose.

boredomresearch created this film following a three-week residency in the Cuilcagh Lakelands UNESCO Global Geopark (2021). During their residency the artists was supported by the teams at the Geopark, Cavan Adventure CentreCorralea Activity Centre, and members of the community in West Cavan. The Cavanoids Dance was commissioned by Ormston House, and funded by An Invitation to Collaboration at the Arts Council IrelandCavan ArtsLimerick Arts Office.

VISIONS COME TRUE, Chi K11 Art Museum, Shanghai (2023);
River Residencies Exhibition, Ormston House, Limerick Ireland (17 February – 8 April 2023);
The Cavanoids Dance, Solo Exhibition, Cavan Town Hall Gallery, Ireland (24 Sept – 4 Nov 2022).