Dark Storm Phials (2015)

Dark Storm Phials (2015): Mini PC Game system,  HD display or projection variable, custom built software in Blender Game Engine, soundbar or amplifier & speakers.

boredomresearch are interested in the natural cycles present in scientific models which often go unnoticed. Dark Storm Phials is an intriguing world of growth and destruction in a desolate environment. Using game technology the viewer is presented with a turbulent micro environment disrupted by a mysterious rumbling force. 

Fragile forms grow in this space progressing through different states, where on reaching maturity, they have a brief opportunity to release sonic pulses of energy before being destroyed by their environment. These forces of growth and destruction combine to form a sonic composition arising from different population states.

Exhibitions include:
Moving Image NY, Waterfront New York Tunnel, New York (2016);
Festival of Endless Gratitude, Copenhagen (2016);
ISEA International Symposium of Electronic Art, Vancouver Canada (2015);
BIOART Exhibition, Gwacheon National Science Museum, Seoul Korea (2015).

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