Dreams of Mice (2015)

Dreams of Mice (2015): Mini PC Game system,  HD 65″ portrait display, custom built software in Blender Game Engine, soundbar or amplifier & speakers.

boredomresearch ask if we can afford to disconnect; questioning the importance of the non-productive third of our lives we spend asleep.  Brain activity during sleep reveals that far from downtime, sleep is complex and beautiful. Developed from research exploring the interaction between environmental factors affecting sleep and human neurological disorders – Dreams of Mice considers the increased control, management and disruption of sleep behaviours.

Collaborating with Dr Vladyslav Vyazovskiy, a neuroscientist at the University of Oxford, capturing and recording the dreams of laboratory mice, boredomresearch have revealed the intriguing beauty of slumber in a real-time artwork driven by the firing neurons of dreaming mice. When we go to sleep we disconnect from our social networks and perpetual status updates, entering the last remaining sanctuary from the demands of a permanently connected and networked society. But is the space of dreams at risk from the relentless encroachment of connective technologies?

Exhibitions include:
Science of the Unseen, SIGGRAPH 2016 Online Exhibition – Anaheim, California (2016); Transitio_MX, Festival of Electronic & Video Art, National Arts Centre, Mexico City (2015); ACM Creativity and Cognition Exhibition, the Glasgow School of Art (2015) and Transmission Symposium, Bournemouth University (2015).

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