Fragments Solo Exhibition (2013)

Fragments Solo Exhibition (2013): Generative artwork consists of mac-mini, custom built software and framed display; Prints are c-type on aluminium and framed.

boredomresearch share with scientists a fascination for the mechanisms and processes that create rewarding diversity and their use of computational technologies. Many of their artworks model the behaviours and growth of imagined beings which through their artificial lives explore a similar diversity to that found in nature. In boredomresearch’s Fragments solo exhibition at DAM Gallery, Berlin (27 April – 8 June 2013) the artists explore mechanisms of pattern formation. Presenting computational artworks and prints of intricate forms that confound our existing taxonomy of the natural world. Their generative real-time artwork Fragments of Lost Flight, creates an ever-changing procession of scaled wing fragments, with autonomous agents painting virtual pheromone trails. Thus bringing together the act of illustration with the process of simulation – exploring how recursive technologies allow for a reinterpretation of traditional forms of artistic practice. These scaled forms, evocative of Lepidoptera, also exhibit floral like qualities with a visual quality evocative of detailed botanical illustrations in watercolour. Each represents a partial fragment from an unknown imagined organism. This biological ambiguity leaves us to consider our unresolved and incomplete understanding of the natural world.

In nature the process that leads to familiar forms such as butterfly wings are exposed to intense selective pressure with only those of value for survival remaining, in contrast, the generative artworks within the Fragments exhibition treats all possibilities equally. Exploring the mechanisms of pattern formation in boredomresearch’s generative artworks and prints you can observe the intricate beauty of the scaled wing surface in a way that relates directly to the living changing organism.

Exhibitions include:
A EYE: An exhibition of art and nature inspired computation, AISB (The Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour) 50th Convention, Goldsmith University London (2014) – Awarded Best Artwork;
Fragments, Solo Exhibition, DAM Gallery, Berlin (2013);
Intuition and Ingenuity, Alan Turing Centenary Exhibition, UK Tour (2012) to Phoenix Square, Leicester; Robert Gordon University Library Gallery, Aberdeen; AISB/IACAP World Congress 2012, Birmingham; V&A Digital Design Weekend, London; Lovebytes Festival, Sheffield; Lighthouse, Brighton and Kinetica Art Fair, London.

Exhibition documentation