SUBMERGED Online Exhibition (2017)

boredomresearch are exhibiting video documentation from their Robots in Distress simulation in the SUBMERGED SciArt Center Exhibition from 9 November 2017. “As staggering in quantity as the ocean is in size, our estimated 117 million lakes contain worlds of unknown history and lifeforms. From the jellyfish species recently discovered in the Kodaikanal Lake, to the biodiverse depths

White Cart Loom exhibited in ISEA (2017)

boredomresearch exhibited their White Cart Loom installation in the Museo de Arte de Caldas at ISEA 2017 exhibition on Bio-Creation & Peace (11 – 18 June 2017). Opening a space to reflect on the interaction between industrial processes and sustainability in a world populated by 7.4 billion humans – each with a strong sense of unique identity –